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No, I haven’t forgotten the blog.

With the Autumn and Winter months in Florida being Renaissance Fair Season, I spent a large amount of October and November getting ready, rehearsing and performing, so painting time was sparse.

I’ve also found I’ve spent a big bunch of painting time doing scutwork, prepping, cleaning, putting together, and priming. (WASP Troopers and a Brain Bug for Starship Troopers, Deep Ones, SWAT Teams,  and Terrorists for USX)

That said, I managed to spend some quality time last weekend on getting some real work done,  so, I’ll hopefully get somethings posted soon.

Until then, Cheers!


The Stars are Right!

Posted: September 20, 2011 in In Progress, Starship Troopers, USX

Things have been a little hectic of late, due to upcoming events involving my other hobbies (16th Century Madrigals, anyone?…. No, didn’t think so….).

Because of this, I’ve slowed down some on the painting front, and have been limited to just getting some more of the basic warrior bugs done, and touching up some sloppy work on the MI Cap Troopers.

I’ve also been undercoating some new miniatures, and the title refers to them.

I’ll make no bones of the fact that I really like H.P. Lovecraft, as does my wife. We’ve copies of Arkham Horror, Mansions of Madness in the board game collection,  the complete works of Lovecraft in hardback… So I was really entertained to find the USX Modern Day Heroes line from RAFM/Silver Fox Productions

The basic gist of the game is Hollywood style skirmish action, small unit style, with games playable in a couple of hours. There’s a range of miniatures to go with it, ranging from SWAT team members to post apocalypse survivors, and all sorts of zombies, drones and terrorist groups to throw against them.

They also include rules (and have freely down-loadable stat cards available) for using the RAFM line of Call of Cthulhu miniatures in the game, and that’s piqued  my interest. There’s something entertaining about having a SWAT team facing down a horde of Deep Ones…

I picked up a demo kit, (SWAT vs Liberation Army), and have just finished the undercoat on the lot. The remaining painting will have to wait for a week though, as I’m heading up for Hurricon 2011 this week, for more gaming fun than you can shake a stick at!


So far, I’ve only shown images of some of the bugs I’ve been working on, and not shown anything of the heroes of the Federation, The Mobile Infantry.

Well, we can’t let that go on for too long, so here’s some work in progress images of a M8 Ape Suit, part of the Marauder platoon I’m building (2 Chickenhawks and the Ape).


The M8 Ape Suit

The M8 Ape Suit

The colour palette is based on that I’m using for the regular MI, and is primarily Flames of War paints. The Green is the Late War German Camo Dark Green, and the brown is Late War English Uniform.  I’ve also picked out the weapons and some of the mechanical details in the legs in Reaper Steel Plate.

Side view of the Ape

Another Ape View

So far, I’ve applied no washes or highlights at all, so it’s all looking a little flat right now. That’ll change!

Beyond the aforementioned Marauder platoon, I’ve something like 40 MI in various stages of completion, two CHAS units (based on a couple of old Wizkids Mechwarrior minatures) and a Fleet Landing Party, for which I’m using some Shadowrun Corporate Security miniatures I found.

The CHAS units have a similar paint scheme to the M8, and the grunts are basically a flipped colour scheme, with English Uniform for bottom layer, and the armour pads in the Camo Green.  Hopefully, there’ll be some images of those in one of the next couple of posts!