A Triumph!

Posted: September 28, 2011 in General Stuff, Starship Troopers

There’s nothing else I can say except Hurricon was an absolute blast!

Played some great games with some great players and GM’s, was introduced to a bunch of new people, and tried some new game systems I hadn’t been exposed to before.

Thursday evening was the official pre-con party, spent boardgaming before a relatively early night.

Friday was the first full day of the show. I spent the morning session playing ‘The Battle of Orc’s Drift’, a Warlord Miniatures game, based on Rourke’s Drift. Warlord was fairly easy to learn, the game ran well, and the hard pressed Crusaders managed to defend the farm against the Reven.

The afternoon session was another first for me. Pig Wars, a Dark Ages skirmish rules set. These games always look fun, and so I managed to snag a seat in the ‘Honey, You Forgot the Pig’ game.  My band of Vikings, lead by Ivar Hairy-Britches set off to Northumbria, armed with a shopping list from the wife, to do some pillaging, alongside another 7 raiding parties.

Pig Wars 1

Burning Huts as the Viking Raid Progresses

By mid game, the raiders had set light to a few buildings, some of the shopping lists were being fulfilled, and we were all starting to jockey for position ready for the inevitable backstabbing over the items that were in short supply.

In the end, I came a creditable second, with an almost intact warband, a full shopping list, and a few other bits and pieces to take back to Denmark!

To the Winner (or Second Place) the Spoils!

The Loot!

Next up was Rob Morse’s Zombie game, a three parter this time, starting Friday night, and running Saturday morning and Saturday night as well, as the band of survivors from Recon earlier this year struggled to find vehicles to take them and the Doctor (yes, that Dr…),  from town to the Power Plant 13 miles away.



The Zombies try to Break Into the Games Store

Finally, after a fraught drive through 13 miles of zombies, crazies, and military types trying to make sure we didn’t get out of town, 8 or so of us made the end of the road, and will be ready to investigate the power station next con.

Inbetween driving sessions, I played in Frank Chadwick’s Space 1889 game, based on the upcoming Mars Needs Steam ruleset. I’ve always had a softspot for Space 1889, so being able to play a large scale skirmish game, being run by the designer himself was something I could not resist. (More details in Frank’s Blog, in the blog roll).

My wife and I ended up playing as the Bavarians, as a 6 force, 5 nation battle for a long lost Martian Village took place, complete with steam tanks, war walkers (Loki and Thor, the Bavarian and Prussian Walkers) and random encounters with normally hostile wildlife.

Mars 1

The by now Crewless American Tank Stands Empty Whilst The Infantry Mop Up the French

The game board was stunning, with a huge village occupying the middle, with all sorts of hidden goodies in the maze of twisty passages and rooms.

A great time was had by all, but by dint of a strong push into the French flank, a timely double cross of the US  Army, and some rather cheeky pinching of objectives from under the noses of the US Marines, the Bavarians went on to win the game!

Mars 2

The 2nd Bayern Jaegers Take up a Two Sided Defensive Position

One other great event was the Friday night Flea Market, where I scored huge in finding some rare Starship Troopers pieces (Brain Bug! Burrowers!) at great prices.

And that, apart from a mammoth session of Werewolf/ The Resistance (which carried on until 3:30am or so) was Hurricon 2011.


Next convention is Recon 2012, in Cocoa Beach, and I know I’m not going to miss it!



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