Do You Want To Know More?

Posted: September 6, 2011 in In Progress, Starship Troopers

So far, I’ve only shown images of some of the bugs I’ve been working on, and not shown anything of the heroes of the Federation, The Mobile Infantry.

Well, we can’t let that go on for too long, so here’s some work in progress images of a M8 Ape Suit, part of the Marauder platoon I’m building (2 Chickenhawks and the Ape).


The M8 Ape Suit

The M8 Ape Suit

The colour palette is based on that I’m using for the regular MI, and is primarily Flames of War paints. The Green is the Late War German Camo Dark Green, and the brown is Late War English Uniform.  I’ve also picked out the weapons and some of the mechanical details in the legs in Reaper Steel Plate.

Side view of the Ape

Another Ape View

So far, I’ve applied no washes or highlights at all, so it’s all looking a little flat right now. That’ll change!

Beyond the aforementioned Marauder platoon, I’ve something like 40 MI in various stages of completion, two CHAS units (based on a couple of old Wizkids Mechwarrior minatures) and a Fleet Landing Party, for which I’m using some Shadowrun Corporate Security miniatures I found.

The CHAS units have a similar paint scheme to the M8, and the grunts are basically a flipped colour scheme, with English Uniform for bottom layer, and the armour pads in the Camo Green.  Hopefully, there’ll be some images of those in one of the next couple of posts!



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