Death from above

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Starship Troopers

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but often, I’ll undercoat the miniature, then sit back and wonder how on earth I’m going to paint it.

With the Mobile Infantry, I had a clear idea in my head of what I wanted, which was not the green of the CGI series. With the various bugs, I wanted to use the images in the rules as a guide, and base things off that. This led to a problem. The entry for the Rippler Bug in the Arachnid Army book doesn’t actually have any colours. Back to the DVD’s then!

The CGI series had a sort of ruddy orange with a lighter underside for the Ripplers, at least to these eyes, so I had a palette, but still didn’t know the final effect I wanted.

So, (and perhaps older and/or wiser heads will roast me for this) I took up the brushes and just slapped some paint on a model to see what it would look like. Over a Chaos Black undercoat, I first heavily drybrushed some Vallejo Orange over the entire model. Went on like a dream, and looked a treat! The undersides and legs were then drybrushed again in Ivory (from Reaper), and the wings were then painted in the same ivory. The end result….



I’m happy with how they look, and the whole unit of nine models will soon be menacing the MI.

(If the image looks a bit dodgy, it was taken with my phone, under obviously not ideal light conditions. I’d like to keep this blog ticking over at a fair clip, as a way of encouraging me to carry on painting. Who knows, perhaps I’ll also learn something about photography as I do this!)





  1. Vitor says:

    Not bad, do you use any washes? I find they tie in the colours nicely and provide shading automatically taht looks realistic.

    • sowerbyjr says:

      Thanks, Vitor!

      Most of the time I do use washes, for exactly the reasons you said. For the Ripplers, I’m going to leave them unwashed, (so to speak), as I like the final look as they are.

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