The whys and wherefores

Posted: August 10, 2011 in General Stuff

I was hoping to call this blog ‘Distinctly Average’, because frankly, that’s how I consider my painting.

To my mind, it’s nothing great. It has flashes of brilliance, and it also has some lows, where something I tried just didn’t look right (faces…. I cannot get faces to look right). The rest of it is workman like, and gets something onto the table that isn’t plain plastic/resin/lead or spray-painted black.

So why blog about it? Well, partly vanity, if I’m being brutally frank, but also a sense that I want to show what I can do, so that maybe,  just maybe, I can make someone else pick up a brush and get into the whole modelling and painting side of the gaming hobby.

It’ll also encourage me to get more painting done, which I’m sure the wife will be pleased about.

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